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Japan Relationship Building

Project Number 040402Start Date           Program Area/Group PSC | Sunset
Area Under StudyGlobal
Project TypeResearch Support Project
Project Sub-TypeProgram Development
Project StatusClosed
Administrative UnitASRO
Regional Office AreaOther
Responsible OfficerSpence, Randal
ODA SectorEconomic And Development Planning
Canadian CollaborationNo
Duration (months)4
Extension (months)0
Legal Close Date1998/12/15
Total Funding30614


IDRC and the Overseas Economic Cooperation Fund/Research Institute of Development Assistance (OECF/RIDA), Japan, have agreed to explore collaborative arrangements relating to international development research. Two meetings between IDRC and OECF/RIDA have been held in Ottawa in June 1997 and in Tokyo in September 1997. At the last meeting, it was suggested that a staff exchange might provide useful insights on how the two organizations could work together. It was agreed that IDRC would provide a draft memorandum of understanding (MOU) to initiate collaboration between the two institutions. This grant will allow a consultant to prepare a draft MOU in English and Japanese, which will then be transmitted to OECF/RIDA by IDRC's Regional Director, Asia. The consultant will accompany the mission to advise IDRC negotiators and to facilitate the insertion of the staff exchange into a larger framework of cooperation between the two institutions.

Recipient Institution(s)

Third World Network
Street Address228 Macalister Road | 10400 Penang | MY
Institution TypePrivate - Not for Profit
Geographic ScopeInternational
UN OrganizationNo
Component Number002
Research StatusActive
Institution CountryMalaysia
Researcher NameMartin Khor
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