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Process Improvement (Philippines)

Project Number 840112Start Date 1984/12/01Program Area/Group PSC | Sunset
Area Under StudyAsia | South East Asia | Philippines
Project TypeResearch Project
Project Sub-TypeApplication
Project StatusClosed
Administrative UnitASRO
Regional Office AreaARO
Responsible OfficerYoung, Richard
ODA SectorAgricultural Extension
Canadian CollaborationNo
Duration (months)36
Extension (months)0
Project Completion Date1991/03/28
Legal Close Date1991/03/31
Total Funding119100


The Philippines has more than 800 fish sauce (patis) and fish paste (bagoong) factories. Next to bakeries, they represent the country's most important small-scale food industry. The purpose of this project is to improve the operations of small-scale patis factories by reducing the traditional process time. Researchers will document processing and economic conditions in selected patis factories; develop and test improved operating and control procedures, with particular attention to reduced fermentation times; and disseminate results to other patis manufacturers.

Post-Project Summary

Researchers conducted a field survey of the class, volume and price of patis (fish sauce) and bagoong (fish paste) sold in grocery stores in Navotas, Metro Manila and Balayan, Batangas. They then took a detailed look at the operating and financial conditions in two such fish processing establishments, and undertook a number of in-factory experiments aimed at accelerating the process of fish fermentation by the addition of the Koji enzyme. The results of the experiments indicated the following: Koji can accelerate fish fermentation, but its effet can be masked by the influence of elevated temperatures and stirring, and varies with the species being fermented; acceptable patis can be obtained within three months, but an aging period is necessary to bring the sensory qualities up to par with paste produced by the traditional method; and some technical problems related to Koji production and application need further investigation, since its observed effect was not consistent. The results of the project were disseminated to the members of the Association of Patis and Bagoong Manufacturers of Western Balayan via a seminar and a tour of the research and development activities and technical services of the National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST).

Recipient Institution(s)

National Institute of Science and Technology
Street AddressFood Technology Research Program | Kahong Koreo 774 | Manila | PH
Institution TypePrivate - Not for Profit
Geographic ScopeNational
UN OrganizationNo
Component Number001
Research StatusClosed
Institution CountryPhilippines

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